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My wife and I traveled in December, 1983, to Kenya for a two week safari in Africa. Several parks were visited including Masai Mara and Tsavo. The images in this gallery were originally shot on Kodachrome slide film. Recently I have been transferring these film images to a digital format. Unfortunately, the old slides have lost much of their original coloration. Guess I waited to long to do the transferring.
Photos By Gene Knudsen
FH000057.jpgFH000001.jpgFH000049.jpgFH000050.jpgFH000074.jpgFH000002.jpgFH000004.jpgFH000014 - Version 2.jpgFH000005.jpgFH000006.jpgFH000007.jpgFH000003.jpgFH000003FH000038.jpgFH000039.jpgFH000040.jpgFH000041.jpgFH000042.jpgFH000008.jpgFH000009.jpg