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A visit to Burano, Italy, is a must if you ever get to Venice. Burano is one of the small islands in amongst the waterways of greater Venice. The colors jump out at you and make you glad you brought your camera.
Photos By Gene Knudsen
06-09-14Burano,Italy 07006-09-14Burano,Italy 07706-09-14Burano,Italy 09606-09-14Burano,Italy 10306-09-14Burano,Italy 12606-09-14Burano,Italy 12806-09-14Burano,Italy 13406-09-14Burano,Italy 14606-09-14Burano,Italy 14706-09-14Burano,Italy 15006-09-14Burano,Italy 15306-09-14Burano,Italy 15406-09-14Burano,Italy 15506-09-14Burano,Italy 16006-09-14Burano,Italy 16706-09-14Burano,Italy 17306-09-14Burano,Italy 17406-09-14Burano,Italy 17606-09-14Burano,Italy 18106-09-14Burano,Italy 187