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This gallery of 656 RHS images from the school year 1982-83 and pages from the yearbook is complete. This was my first year as a teacher at Ramstein High School. It was also my 6th year in DoDDS, my 10th year of marriage to my wife, Deb, who eventually got a job at Vogelweh ES in Kaiserslautern. A VERY good year indeed. My congratulations to the Class of '83 on your upcoming 40th Reunion.

I want to thank the students in my photography and yearbook classes who provided many of these images.

Sometimes a photo can trigger a memory that lasts a lifetime. That's what these images are all about. Your classes starting in 1982 were the first in that new building and your senior class had the honor in 1983 of being the first class to graduate Ramstein High School. Hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane. Go Royals.
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Guestbook for Ramstein HS, Class of 1983
John Schuh(non-registered)
Now, They are turning the place into the Middle School and building the high school building they should have built originally, How are you all faring during whaT I CALL THE GREAT SHUNNING?
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